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About Us

Every brand and product needs real people with real Stories. Here you can find out about the two founders and sisters Claudia and Alicia Nowak.

Claudia is a loving mother of two beautiful girls. She is a true artist that has worked intently on her craft. Ever since her teenage years she could be found sewing and designing in the corner of the room. She is passionate about it.

She is a perfectionist. She rather works 16hour days than settling for lesser a quality.

Born and raised in Vienna to polish Parents she moved to Spain 2005 and has stayed there ever since. Meeting her Love and now Husband and starting a family.


Alicia is a freelance Illustrator. She is passionate about travelling and has lived in the U.S, Brazil and Thailand.

She is easily motivated by projects and similar to her sister a perfectionist. Currently living in her home country Austria, her eyes are already looking forward to moving to the next far off destination.

Her family includes a beautiful Girlfriend and a hyperactive dog.


Feel free to ask us anything. We value our customers but furthermore want to develop friendships. Tell us who your are, your story and what you would love to see.