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Custom made Dollhouse Family


Image of Custom made Dollhouse Family

This is the perfect Keepsake for your little loved one. A loving little family designed and inspired in your very own family. This custom made set include 4 members.

Set 1: Mom + Dad + 2 Girls
Set 2: Mom + Dad + 2 Boys
Set 3: Mom + Dad + 2 Boys
Set 4: Mom + Dad + 1 Girl + 1 Baby
Set 5: Mom + Dad + 1 Boy + 1 Baby

It has a timeless design, great durable and washable fabric and is made by hand to ensure Quality.

his product, as all others at Valentina the Swan, are Handmade. This means it can be customized to serve your wished but the production time can be up to four weeks. Add your wishes of hair colors ( light or dark ) and the style of the clothing's you wish and i happily get back to you with ides to create your very own Dollhouse Family.

Valentina's tip: This Families will make an perfect Birthday and Christmas gifts and witch child doesn't dream about its own family in miniature !

Size: Mom + Dad 16 cm Kids 14cm

Caution: Made to order production time can be up to 4 weeks