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The Brand

Our purpose is based on two things: Artisan Quality and Conveying Values.

The Swan is symbolic for eternal love. Once it falls in love it stays in love, just like the everlasting affection a Mother gives to her precious One. Thereupon a Swan needed to be the heart of our brand. It is the protector and best friend of every child and guides it towards a happy lifestyle and healthy family bonds.

The phrase “You are Beautiful”, as cliché as it may sound, is a message often forgotten and overheard in this busy world. We want to bring back positivity into everyday life. (Use #bringback to share your positivity with us!)

Our leading message is:

  • You are Beautiful
  • You are forever Loved and Cared for
  • You can be anything you want

Valentina was never intended to be just a product to be sold. Its sole reason for being was to be a positive influence for the next generation.

Nevertheless, quality is just as important as the message standing behind. Most of our products are handcrafted and handsewn! Each item is made to last (yep, we did test that). Each drawing and pattern is redesigned until it fits the concept and matches the product palette.

The Brand is nothing without feedback. While artists can be lost in their world we are lovely pals, always looking to better our work. If you have wishes, ideas, or just want to say hi – don’t hesitate. Let’s get to know each other!