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The Story

Motherlove is a lot like Swanlove - Eternal

Valentina the Swan is founded by Claudia and Alicia Nowak.

Claudia, a loving mother of two girls decided that the craft toys around were not carrying the teachings she wants to convey for her children. Soon after Valentina was born. The first one. It was a Swan with Tulle Collar and whimsical Headpieces. The Swan is a symbol of everlasting (Mother)love, grace and beauty was from now on the protector and best friend of her two girls.

Seeing how they grew to love Valentina, she created a Human like Doll as well.

She told her two Girls that the Swan turns into a Girl just like them. Then they can go on adventures together and share all the secrets of this world.

One thing came to another and soon Friends and Neighbours started asking about the mysical Swan. Orders were piling up and Valentina was on its way to become more than just a Mothers love for their Children.

To further convey the message behind Valentina, Alicia started illustrating the Swan Dolls. Turning them into inspirational Posters, textil Patterns and soon also Children Books.

 Valentina - A Keepsake to share a life with

Valetina is a Toy. Alas, Valentina is also the perfect keepsake. It is one of those craft toys that stays with you into Adulthood. “The first toy” that everyone has kept and looks back reminiscing about childhood. It is furthermore a gorgeous accessory for any little girls room.

Follow Valentina the Swan on her daily journey in our posts and through or designs on Instagram. And maybe even become a part of this story.